We are excited to tell you about the launch of a NEW LOCAL ONLINE CONTEST in Waco. We LOVE Waco and we love the people and businesses in this community.  Every day there are people hustling to better their businesses, their families and the communities. At Modern Texas Living, we want to highlight those who are doing a great job in an honest way. After many months of planning, Talk of the Town was born. We saw a need for a real-time-LIVE contest where the people could nominate, vote and see exactly that their vote made a difference! What better way to say thank you to someone who gave you great service than to refer them to the rest of the community. This contest is a way to make it convenient for you to show your appreciation to your favorites!

We are excited to sit back and watch while YOU determine which person/businesses are the TALK OF THE TOWN. 




1) Residential Realtor 

2) Commercial Realtor

3) Real Estate Brokerage

4) Title & Escrow Company

5) Mortgage Lending Company 

6) Real Estate Photographer

7) Home Staging Company 

8) Home Inspector



The first 3 DAYS are for nominations. Anyone can SUBMIT A NOMINATION via the link below:


THEN After 3 days, nominations will be closed and ALL nominees will be entered into a LIVE SURVEY. Yes, no hidden/questionable votes. No worries about typing in someones name or business wrong. Each nominee will have their own voting column and each voter will be able SELECT THEIR TOP 3 in order of 1,2,3. IMMEDIATELY after you vote it will take you to the screen where you will be able to see who is in the lead and by how many votes. 

IT'S REAL-TIME!!!  The voting only lasts 48 hours so it's IMPORTANT to rally your supporters and get votes in.


**Don't be afraid to ask for votes. We always say, when you're NOT your competitors ARE asking for votes. See this contest as a marketing platform for your business!

At NO COST to the Businesses, THE WINNER will receive: 

  • One FREE AD in Modern Texas Living Magazine

  • One Award Plaque to Showcase at Their Business

  • Window Decals to Promote Their Ranking

  • Profile on Website, highlighting the company name, info and ranking

Second & Third Place Receive:

  • One Award Plaque to Showcase at Their Business

  • Window Decals to Promote Their Ranking

  • Profile on Website, highlighting the company name, info and ranking

EVERY VOTE MATTERS.  This is a great way to get engagement up on your social media page as well. We have created a file of images for you to PROMOTING THE VOTING on social media. 




How the rank is calculated

Depending on the order participants vote on items in the picture ranking question, we allocate a number to the selected item. Therefore the first picture they click on will get number one (1), second vote will be two (2), third vote will be (3) and so on.

Weighted rank

Our system calculates rank of each based on the following method, which we call “Weighted Ranking”. Based on Weighted Ranking method, each item gets a weight, or degree of importance. An overall score is calculated for each item, and then in the Live Analytics view, the choices are displayed in descending order based on their overall score. The top-scoring option is the best choice and is on top.

So, this is how “Weighted Rank” is calculated: Weighted Rank = Weight * Total Votes Received.


Note that in the above formula, weights has to be applied in reverse order! It means the respondent’s most favorite choice which they rank as #1,  actually has the largest weight. Also naturally their least preferred choice (or the last thing they rank) needs to a weight of 1.


For example, if they have to rank their top 3 choices, weights need to be assigned as follows:
The #1 choice has a weight of 3
The #2 choice has a weight of 2
The #3 choice has a weight of 1

Now every time an item gets selected by a respondent, it gets a score. The score is calculated based on what weight the item gets each time it is picked. If an item gets ranked as top 1 out of three, it gets a weight of 3, and therefore a score of 3. Next time someone picks the same item, but as top 2 (out of 3), but this time the weight will be 2, and the total score that this item has received will be 3+ 2 = 5. This score gets higher and higher, every time a person selects the same choice and gives it a rank (or a weight).


However, when you look at the results in Live Analytics, along with the “score” for each item you will also see the “average” number that each item has received through the voting process.

The average is calculated based on the actual rank that the item has received each time, divided by the total number of times the item has been chosen.

For example, you ask respondents to rank their top 3 pictures, and you get 4 responses in total. One of the pictures has been chose 3 times as first rank, and1 time as second rank. Therefore the average number will be 1.25 → ( 1 + 1 + 1 + 2 = 5 ) divided by 4 (which is the total number of times that this specific items has been chosen.

The average for each item is there to show you that a certain group of people like that specific item; and in average this group who like that item vote for it in a certain way. Maybe this group who like this specific item are not many at all, therefore that item never gets a high score and will never end up at the top of the list. However, perhaps in average, those people who pick that item really like it a lot and always rank it as their number 1 choices for example. This is something that you can see from the average only, not from the total score.