Things To Do With The Kids in Waco

Things To Do With The Kids in Waco

Cover Photo: Fabled Story Time

1. The Mayborn Museum Complex is a two floor natural and cultural history exhibit and also holds Governor Bill and Vara Daniel’s Historic Village. It sits on the campus of Baylor University and focuses on Central Texas history. On top of the exhibits, there is the Jeanes Discovery Center, which holds themed, interactive rooms like Light and Sound, Design Den, Water and Bubbles, and many more things to keep your children excited through the visit.

2. The Dr. Pepper Museum is inside the 1906 Artesian Manufacturing and Bottling building for Dr. Pepper, while Dr. Pepper itself, started selling in Waco in 1885. The Dr. Pepper Museum holds live demonstrations and informative talks, as well as much memorabilia and nostalgia for the homegrown Texas soft drink. When you are done looking around the museum, go visit their gift shop and stop by Frosty’s Soda Shop!

3. If your children want to go see the animals, Cameron Park Natural Zoo Habitat is a great place to take them! There 52-acre natural habitat right next to the Brazos River holds animals from America, South America, Africa and Asia. Along with the habitats, there is also a playground and splash pad to help cool off after walking around in the hot sun. Members of the Houston or Dallas Zoo might also get discounts or free entry if you present that card.

4. Jump-n-Place is a kids dreams playhouse with lots of inflatables and a jumping place on the side. This is a perfect place for mommy meet-ups to let the kids run and play, as well as celebrate birthdays! There is also a separate play area for the kids under 4 years old, which is a safe environment for them to play with children their size.

5. Fabled Story Time is a perfect place to take your child if you just want to enjoy a nice cup of coffee and a lovely book. Every Wednesday, Fabled Bookshop & Café holds a Story Time lunch special. If you place your order before the story time begins, then the boxed lunch will be ready by the time that it is over, ready for you to enjoy it to-go or at the café.

6. Urban Air Trampoline Park is a perfect place to spend a full day with your children as a family. They have been voted Best Gym In America for Kids by Shape Magazine, Best Place To Take Energetic Kids and Best Trampoline Parks. With many trampolines, rope courses, climbing walls and much more; your whole day could be occupied at Urban Air.

7. Hawaiian Falls Water Park is the perfect way to beat the Texas heat this summer. A lazy river, splash pad, adventure pool, wave pool and six waterslides all sit on a 10-acre piece of land and will help cool off the entire family. If the tickets are ordered online, you can get great discounts for entry into the park!

8. Homestead Craft Village is a shopping center that is open year-round. The vendors that are held here focus on craftsmanship and old world values, with things like, soaps, furniture, baskets, grains, meat and produce. There are also many handmade things held here, as well. On Saturdays, they hold crafting sessions for children!

9. The Waco Mammoth National Monument is a great place to visit if you only have about an hour of time to spend. It sits on about 5-acres of land along the Bosque River, where Paul Barron and Eddie Bufkin found the fossilized bones of 16 Colombian mammoths. Inside, there is a covered dig site where you can still see some of the fossils in the ground, almost how they were found in the first place.

10. The Carleen Bright Arboretum is a huge piece of land that holds botanical gardens and a babbling waterfall. They are full of beautiful gardens and collections of plants that are well-suited for Central Texas. While here, they can teach children and adults about gardening, plants, and the environment through their demonstrations.

11. The Bear Pit at Baylor University holds the mascots for the Baylor Bears. This houses two bears in a nice enclosure, and allows viewers to walk all the way around the edge of the enclosure where you are able to see the bears eating, sleeping, and swimming. Sometimes they are hidden away in their private area; however they are mostly out for you to see and say hello to.

12. Take a walk across the Waco Suspension Bridge and get a taste of Waco’s history. This is the oldest suspension bridge in Texas, which was built in 1870s as the first bridge across the Brazos River. On both sides there are parks ready for lounging and relaxing for a good picnic! Also, the bridge does light up at night, so it would be a beautiful walk when all of the lights come on.

13. For all of the Texas sports fans, Texas Sports Hall of Fame and Museum is perfect for you and your families! This is a 35,000-square-foot museum pays respect to more than 300 Texas athletes. All of the little athletes will love the Texas Sports Hall of Fame, as will the rest of the family.

14. Want to see Waco on the water? The Waco River Safari offers very Historic Scenic Tours and Kids Tours of the Brazos River. All of their boats have canopies and bathrooms on board, which will help when travelling with small children. The historic tours last around two hours, while the kids tours last around one hour!

15. Waco Downtown Farmers Market originated in 2011 and holds many different vendors. They are open on Saturdays starting at 9am to 12pm during the summer. What is special about the Waco Farmers Market, is that goes all year round because Texas is able to produce well all year. These vendors are locals of Waco, as in about 150 miles of Waco.

The Waco Hippodrome Theatre, located on Austin Street in downtown Waco, Texas, was built in 1914 and restored in 1987.

16. The Hippodrome Theater will blow your children’s minds. This movie theatre not only offers you the latest and greatest movies and documentaries, but they also will bring you food to your seat while you are enjoying the movie. Not only will the kids enjoy this, but there is also a button that you can press from your seat to bring beer, wine, and cocktails right to you.

17. For the older kids, Waco Axe Company is perfect. Not only will this be a competition for the whole family, but there is also coaches and staff that will be with you the whole time to make sure everyone is kept safe. Before you go, do make sure that you have on closed toed shoes to participate, other than that, they provide everything to keep you entertained!

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