The Importance of Finding your Niche

By Nicki Wilson @_NickiWilson_

I am not sure there has ever been a better time for entreprenuership in our economy than today. We are living in an ultra-entrepreneurial world where all you need is a smart-phone, an idea, and some gumption about you and “Voila!” you have a real, operating business! Nothing has excited me more for all my smart and creative sisters and brothers out there! There is suddenly a place at the table for all of us, and we are taking advantage everywhere.

But, there is a caveat: the opportunity is high, therefore, there are many takers. I have seen friends sign up to sell an MLM (multi-level marketing) product, only to get super discouraged three months in, when it seems “everyone is doing it.” I know people who have opened online Etsy shops or even brick and mortar stores only to feel totally defeated when the sales were not what they thought they would be. In a highly curated, Instagram-driven world, it’s dog-eat-dog, or shall I say blogger-eat-blogger world. It leaves many of these women feeling hopeless in comparison and defeated, and the business never gets off the ground.

This is why you niche.

An easy-ish solution to the saturation and “everyone is doing it” problem is to seriously nail down who your client is. And when I say who, I mean details!

This is an exercise I use with my clients to identify their niche.

However, if you can IDENTIFY your IDEAL CLIENT and learn their struggle, a better way to lead is with the SOLUTION.

So often, I see women leading with a product, “Hey this great, chemical-free, face cream is on sale, so buy it from me. Ok?” However, if you can identify your ideal client and learn their struggle, a better way to lead is with the solution. “After I had babies, I never slept and always woke up with bags under my eyes. This cream totally fixed it after a couple of weeks of use. Not only that, but it is chemical-free, so I know I am only putting healthy, natural things back into by body!”

Which way sounds better?

Getting crystal clear on who your client is and coming up with a solution to their problems is the best way to get more sales.


+ Identify Your Ideal Client

Make a complete description of your ideal client. It may be that you are not currently serving your ideal client. That is fine, do not describe them. Describe who you hope to start attracting. How old are they? How many kids do they have? Are they a Neimans or a Target shopper? The more description, the easier to start attracting who you want.


+ Identify Your Ideal Client’s Main Struggle

Once you get to know your ideal client, you can start marketing to their specific language and problems.


+ Identify what your solution is to their problem

Identify what your solution is to their problem.


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