Styling Faux Flowers

By Emily Barlow @handmadefarmhouse

Do you want to know my secret for keeping flowers looking bright and beautiful so they can be included in your home decor?

The answer is simple… BUY FAUX! Trust me, I enjoy fresh flowers in my home as much as anyone! Sadly, it’s not always practical for me to purchase a bundle of blooms week after week to have on display.



Faux flowers are made to look and even feel more and more realistic than ever before. Forget about the old cheesy looking baskets of dusty red roses on grandma’s side table (no offense granny!).


Real flowers are not perfect and they are not all the same. Faux flowers are uniform. Just be sure to fluff the petals and spread their leaves after you buy them.


Hide the very bottom of the stems so that it’s less noticeable that they’re faux.


Stagger heights! Bouquets of real flowers always have different heights. It adds visual interest and helps each one stand out.


Last of all, be sure to bend some stems. One thing I adore about tulips is that they fall gracefully to the side of the pitcher or vase they’re displayed in. They don’t all stand up perfectly straight.

Faux flowers are reusable. Keep them for Spring table displays, baby or bridal showers, birthday parties and summer BBQ’s! If you love to entertain like I do, you’ll find a use for them over and over. I hope you feel inspired to give faux flowers a try, and discover the many ways you can get creative and save money by using them.


DO You can find beautiful faux flowers at Joann Fabric, Michaels, Hobby Lobby and online! These particular tulips come in many colors and they have a very realistic texture!

DON’T Displaying the flowers close together or standing straight up doesn’t help them look real. They all look the same. Bending some of the stems a bit  and staggering the heights helps make them look more realistic.

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