Spring Cleaning: Organizing to Bring Joy

By Kristana Doreck

As TV organization guru Maire Kondo instills in her clients, your stuff should bring you joy. Below are some easy tips to keeping your space clean. The Swedish-Death method, although it sounds scary, may actually be what you need. This method is simply a huge purge of things that aren’t needed in your home.


Have your kids take out every single toy and sort them into two piles: the ones that they play with and the ones that they don’t. Giving them less options of toys to play with helps them stay less bored and overwhelmed with too many options. Then donate the toys they don’t play with to charity.

Tidy Tip: To keep items that didn’t make it to your local charity, purchase some large baskets like these from the Container Store. They are perfect for every room.
Gray Storage boxes
Tidy Tip: Help store things on your closet shelf with these labeled cloth bins from the Container Store. They keep the space looking decluttered and everything is labeled by box.


Take all of your clothes out of the closet and sort into two piles again: one to donate and one to keep. The donate pile should be bigger than the keep pile. If the clothing item has not been worn in a year, it’s time to let it go.


Put all the clothes back into the closet by sleeve length and following the ROYGBIV color scheme.


When looking at the pantry, pull everything out at once and assess what foods you and your family actually eat. If it is expired, throw it away; if it is open and half gone and your family won’t eat it, throw it away. Odds are you will only be keeping the foods you eat on a regular basis and if you know what you have, you won’t over buy at the grocery store.

Drawer organizer
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