Sort it Out The Garage

By Kristana Doreck

One of the most problematic spaces in a home for many families is the garage. Many times, people do not realize how helpful it can be when the garage has been organized. Here are a few tips to get your garage living up to its fullest potential.

Tidy Tip: Use these Ball Claw wall mounts from The Container Store to store sport equipment where it is easy to grab.

Some sports equipment, such as baseball bats or soccer/basketballs, can be mounted on the wall.


Tidy Tip: If you’ve run out of space on the walls and there are still more boxes to put up, try a ceiling rack to store the last few boxes.

Store your weather tight bins on some industrial shelving that can line the perimeter of the garage. These bins will keep seasonal items and other items dry.


Tidy Tip: Store a step stool either on the wall or between the shelves to make it easier to grab boxes from the top shelf.


Using vertical space in the garage is key. Creating a way that items can be easily stored, but also easily accessed, should be the goal.


Invest in a tool bench for all hardware and auto supplies. Don’t forget to label the drawers so everything gets put in the right place every time. Assess the tools you have and find what size will work best for your items and your space.

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