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What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is a whole body approach to care that treats the root cause of problems instead of treating the symptoms. We ask the question “why” is the symptom there in the first place? Symptoms could be a result of many factors: genetics, inflammation, malnutrition, stress, poor sleep, hormone imbalances, etc. Many problems are interconnected and it is our job to become a detective and investigate their cause.

Can Functional Medicine help my child who is struggling?

Yes! We have treated many children who have been diagnosed with developmental delays, behavioral disorders, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, et cetera, that have had tremendous breakthroughs. Research has found that inflammation of the brain drives many negative behavioral symptoms such as inattentiveness, impulsivity, sensory processing difficulties, developmental delays, irritability, and poor sleep patterns. Once the source of inflammation is identified and treated, we are able to see dramatic improvement in awareness, focus, sleep, bowel habits, sensory challenges and communication.

What type of testing do you do?

Every person is different and will not need the exact same testing. However, we commonly recommend comprehensive stool testing on most of our clients as studies have found that gut health plays an integral role in overall health. We also utilize epigenetic testing, environmental toxicity testing, bloodwork and micronutrient testing if necessary. We decide which testing is necessary after a thorough client history where we are able to identify key triggers that are playing a role in the problem.

We focus on supporting the body through diet, supplementation and lifestyle modification.

How do you treat dysfunction in the body?

We focus on supporting the body through diet, supplementation and lifestyle modification. We support the body with missing vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that it may be deficient in while also focusing on removing things that may be hindering the body from healing such as toxins, inflammatory foods and stress. We also utilize herbs and other treatments when necessary to treat chronic infections.

Do you tell me to stop prescription medication?

No! While some prescriptions can be a bandaid, they can be necessary while we are working on the root cause of the problem. Always speak with your prescribing doctor before stopping a medication.

Is this a “quick fix”?

Oftentimes it has taken many years for these symptoms to develop. Consequently, these symptoms will not go away overnight. While many people begin to feel much better within a few weeks of diet changes and supplementation, but it may take a few months to address the different causes of dysfunction in the body.

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