Q&A: Lance Magid, Studio Gallery

Photos by Charla Homes

There is no doubt in our minds that Studio Gallery offers the most creative custom picture framing in central Texas, so we decided to step into one of the oldest family-owned art galleries in Texas and spend the afternoon talking with the 2nd generation owner, Lance Magid.

The business was a natural step for Lance with his father starting the business over 50 years ago. Lance shared many fond memories of his childhood playing on pallets while his mom and dad worked long hours in the shop.

What are you known for?

We offer everything from the consultation to the installation. We hope to improve the wall decor of homes and offices, one wall at a time by educating each customer regarding quality and preservation of each item to be framed. You dream it, we will frame it.


What Makes Studio Gallery so Unique?

Our clients are like family to us. We have literally watched children grow up by framing their photos brought in by moms, dads, grandparents, and even great-grandparents. It’s a very special business we are in and we don’t take our jobs or what this community has given to our family for granted. We are blessed that Studio Gallery continues to grow and expand to fill the needs of our clients.

It’s important to our family that our clients can trust us with their most valuable and precious items and memories. So, we do jobs that most other frame shops would run the other way from. We strive to do those jobs so our customers can hang those special memories on their walls. Over the past two years, we also added drapery and curtain installation which was a natural fit for the attention to detail and care we take when installing frames in homes and office spaces.

What’s an example of some of the jobs you have done?

Over the years we have had to assist clients with a multitude of special needs, from providing a shadowbox for historical relics, to a child’s first jersey and medal from a marathon they ran in, to cleaning a painting that was submerged on the Brazos Queen Riverboat at the bottom of the Brazos River for weeks.

No matter the size or uniqueness of the job at hand, we make sure that each customer’s piece is treated and framed to preservation standards.

We are made in the USA, made in Texas, and made in Waco.

Our motto around here is if it’s worth framing or hanging, it’s worth doing right.

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