Pillow + Side Table Styling Guide

By Brooke Morales @blindseyj

Pillow Styling

Many of us are self-proclaimed “pillow hoarders.” Often we have too many for our own good. They are such a great way to refresh any space, and I switch them up often in our home. The space I most frequently switch up pillows in is our master bedroom. There’s something about perfectly styled pillows that make any bedroom – or any space for that matter – feel extra cozy! Here are a few simple tips to make your pillow styling look incredible.


Consider the size of your bed (or sofa, or chair) when selecting your throw pillows. Pillows that are too big for your bed will make it look unbalanced, while pillows that are too small will leave your space looking bare.


Pillow gatherings look best when they have a layered look. This can be achieved by using pillows of different sizes. There’s definitely no wrong way to arrange your pillows, but I generally achieve a layered look in our bedroom by going by one of the two combos below. For reference, these looks are styled on a California king size bed.

2–28” x 36” Large Pillows (Back) 2–20” Neutral/Textured Pillows (Middle) 1–18” Solid/Textured Pillow (Middle) 1–14” x 30” Patterned/Tasseled Lumbar (Front) OR 3–26” x 26” Euro Pillows (Back) 2–22” Patterned/Textured Pillows (Middle) 2–18” Solid Textured Pillow (Middle) 1–14” x 30” Patterned/Tasseled Lumbar (Front)


There are several different ways to match throw pillows, but, just to be clear, your pillows do not have to match. A well-coordinated selection of pillows, rather than perfectly matched pillows, will give your room a polished look. I usually pick two different sets of patterned or textured pillows, another textured pillow (or throw blanket), and a solid colored pillow to pull everything together. If you keep your colors and patterns cohesive, you can get a little more creative with touch and feel. Incorporating velvets, faux fur, and tasseled accents can add warmth to your space. Mixing up the shapes and sizes of your pillows is also another great way to add interest to your pillow arrangement.


When selecting your pillows (or pillow covers) consider the size and material of the fill. I highly recommend a feather down fill because it holds its shape better than foam or polyester. While polyester or foam fills are generally a less expensive option, feather down fills will give your space a much more luxurious feel – not to mention they are so much more cozy. Rest assured, there is an alternative down option if feathers aren’t for you. Here’s a tip: be sure to get a fill size 2” larger than your actual pillow cover. For example, if your pillow cover is 18” you will need an insert that is 20”. This will transform the look of your pillows and will help you achieve perfectly karate chopped pillows if you desire. Clearly, it’s my jam!

Sources: Pillows and throw blanket seen here can

be found at pompomathome.com or follow

@pompomathome on Instagram.


While pillows add all the cozy feels to your bedroom, your bedside table will complete your space and add a functional yet stylish focal point to your room. All you really need is a few key elements to achieve this. Be sure to use objects that vary in height, as this will help create a balanced focal point.


First things first: choose a lamp that is right for your side table itself. Be sure to choose one that allows enough space for other key items without looking cluttered. If space is limited, a wall sconce is another great lighting option. Be sure to choose a warm bulb to create a gentle ambiance to calm your senses before heading off to sleepy land.


A storage basket (if your bedside table has a bottom shelf) is a great way to add functional storage for things like throw blankets, books, chargers, iPads, etc. A bottom shelf is a great way to hide clutter and cords with ease and style. Additionally, a pretty tray or decorative bowl is great for adding a personal yet functional touch to your side table. This can also serve as a catch for all things such as chapstick, glasses, or jewelry.

Personally Speaking . . .

While bedside tables are meant to be practical, a framed photo or a sentimental piece can be a nice touch. Plus, it’s the perfect way to make your side table feel personal to you.


Use greenery (or florals) to add an organic touch to your bedside table. While I love fresh flowers, they are too high maintenance for me, so most of the time I stick with faux greenery. Whichever you choose, it’s sure to add warmth and dimension to your space.

You don’t have to stick to the elements listed above. Each night stand can be styled to fit their own needs: add a vase, your favorite book, or a candle to customize your night stand.


  1. Lamp

  2. Framed Photo or Sentimental Accessory

  3. Decorative Bowl or Tray

  4. Fresh or Faux Florals/Greenery

  5. Books, Candle, Vase (if desired)

  6. Storage basket (if desired)

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