Our Favorite Coffee Spots in Waco

Our Favorite Coffee spots in Waco



Pinewood Coffee Roasters

Pinewood has been roasting their own coffee since 2014, and began in McGregor, Texas, but is now serving in Waco. There is also a large shaded outdoor seated section for people who would love to sit outside and enjoy their drink.

Common Grounds

Common Grounds was voted the Best Coffee Shop in Waco in 2019. Who wouldn’t want live music and coffee? They also have an outdoor seating that is perfect for enjoying the nice weather and music!

Dichotomy Coffee and Spirits

Dichotomy is a “unique coffee and craft cocktail experience.” Their specialty is their brewed coffee and expresso. Their prices are very affordable for amazing coffee. On top of that, they also have a rooftop patio open for guests to enjoy the sun with their drink.

Fabled Bookshop & Café

Fabled is unique because of their bookshop that is inside the café. If you are looking for a calming and quiet place to enjoy your coffee and read, Fabled Bookshop and Café is the place to go!

KurbSide Coffee

Kurbside Coffee is both and indoor café and a travelling trailer. They cater events through their Vintage Trailer, and stay open in stores for passer byers. Their specialty drink is the Dirty Horchata, which is a double shot of expresso in homemade horchata.

Lighthouse Coffee & Wine

Lighthouse Coffee & Wine is in the heart of downtown Waco and very close to Baylor University. This makes for Lighthouse to be the new shop for local coffee drinkers. Lighthouse uses Olympia Coffee, as they helped on opening the coffee bar.

Magnolia Press

Magnolia Press is full of delicious coffee and pastries. Because the Silos Baking Co. is closed from COVID-19, the Magnolia Press is also serving the Silos cupcakes available at their location!

Nightlight Donuts

Nightlight Donuts was voted Best Donuts in Waco, and they are a Donut trailer that travels around the city. However, they are planning to open a Donut/Coffee storefront by Fall of 2020. If their donuts are the best, I can only imagine how amazing their coffee will be!

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