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Aly McDaniel, a.k.a @TheDowntownAly on Instagram, is a full time blogger, Mom of two little boys, and wife. She shares “all the things” such as, home decor, fashion, beauty, family, and most importantly making people laugh with her funny videos. Her passion is home decor and she believes every room should be organized with style. As a home decor blogger, I am always finding creative ways to organize every space in my home. I realize that not everyone enjoys organizing as much as I do, but I hope I can show you ways to make it more fun and visually appealing.

My motto is “everything in your home, should have a pretty home.”


Step 1: Purge!

Clean out the entire pantry. Throw away all expired cans, spices, and food. You know they are in there.

Step 2: Clean Clean Clean!

Wipe down all shelves and walls. (if you are using peel and stick wallpaper) I use a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water or any food safe cleaner. I also touch up any scuffs on the shelves with paint.

Step 3: Wallpaper!

Add your choice of peel and stick wallpaper (if desired). Tip: Peel about 12” of the backing away from the paper. Apply the paper to the top of the wall. Working from top to bottom, pull the backing away as you evenly press the paper to the wall. You can reposition the wallpaper if it looks crooked. Trust me... it takes me a couple of tries.

Step 4: Shopping!

I like to go to Walmart, The Container Store, and Target for organizational items for my pantry. I am all about the plastic canisters and baskets to hold my food. I like to take chips, crackers, cereal, cookies, and other snacks out of their bags and put them in a plastic canister. It saves you so much more room, especially if you have a small pantry. It also helps preserve the freshness of these items, and it’s a lot easier to see when you're running low on an item. Lazy Susan’s are another great item to organize all your sauces and extra spices. My favorite item to organize my food is BASKETS, BASKETS, BASKETS! I painted a white border all around the tops of mine to make them look more my style. The Container Store has a lot of options. Amazon has a ton of organizing items such as clear spice jars with gold lids and labels. Lastly, I purchased storage drawers because I had a lot of room underneath my last shelf. I recommend getting some sort of storage drawers (if you have room) because you can store mail, kids school work, trash bags, dog food, etc.

Step 5: Organize!

It’s now time to organize all the food, condiments, baking supplies, etc into their baskets or canisters. Make sure everything has a place to live. Make sure you utilize your walls. I used wall grippers for my spices, so I can easily see and grab the ones I need.

Step 6: Add Appropriate Decor & Store Other Items

I like to store my larger cooking equipment that I use weekly on the top shelf. They are also very pretty and I like them to be seen. I always add some sort of faux plant in the top corner and a sign that either says eat or pantry. It just gives your pantry some style.

"Organized pantries make your life a lot easier. Who said it can’t be pretty?"


  1. Wallpaper: - Large Gingham Wallpaper Plaid: Wall paper adds a fun pop of color to a pantry. It also makes it look more put together.

  2. Clear Plastic Canisters: - Mainstays 1 Gal. Food Storage Canister, White: Using clear canisters not only makes your pantry look more organized, but you can also see your food. If you have children, I would get plastic ones.

  3. Gold Canisters: - Fresh Decor Hammered Storage Canister: Gold Canisters give your pantry a hint of glam and they keep your food very fresh.

  4. Bread Box: - Creative Co-op Enameled Metal Distressed White Bread Box with Lid: Everyone needs a bread box! It holds about three loaves of bread.

  5. Baskets: - Large Water Hyacinth Serving Tray with Handles.

  6. Plastic Small Canisters: - Rubbermaid Square Food Storage Canister, 2 qt., Clear

  7. Lazy Susans: - Mainstays Nonskid 1-Tier Turntable

  8. Spice Jars: - Nellam French Round Glass Spice Jars – Set of 12 with Shaker Lids.

  9. Spice Jar Holders: - Evelots Spice Gripper Clip Strips-Cabinet Door-Hold 24 Bottles-Set of 6 Strips

  10. First Aid Box: - Creative Co-Op Enameled First Aid Box with Lid & Black Cross on Front

  11. Spray Paint for Canister Lids: - Rust-Oleum Bright Coat Metallic Finish, 11 oz. I spray the outsides of the lids for a fun pop of gold.

  12. 4 Drawer Storage Unit: - Seabrook Four Double Storage Unit

  13. 2 Drawer Storage Unit: Seabrook Double Storage Unit

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