How To Style a Mantle

How To Style a Mantle

Copy By: Jessica Johnson @Missjessicanicoleblog

Styling a mantle can feel like an overwhelming task. Whether you have a corner fireplace or a TV mounted above your mantle, you may find yourself questioning where to start. Luckily, there are few simple tips and tricks to get you started.

How-To: The Basics

  1.  The Anchor The anchor is the statement piece of your mantle. My favorite thing to see over a mantle is a round mirror. Not only will this make your space appear bigger, but it’s also easy to decorate around throughout the seasons. Other options include a piece of art, a wreath, a sign, or even a wreath layered over a sign! Either way, this piece is going to be the attention grabber.

  2. The Weights The weights are going to be the pieces on either side of your anchor. They can be the same or different (symmetry vs. assymetry). Personally, I prefer decorating assymetrically because it gives a space more relaxed and homey feel. Exapmles of weights include: lanterns, candlesticks, vases, etc. The trick here is to choose pieces of varying heights.

  3. The Fillers Your fillers are goign to be the pieces that fill in the empty spaces. These could be anything from books to decorative bowls/accent pieces.

Styling a Corner Fireplace

Styling a corner fireplace can be tricky (I know because I have one). The reason that they’re tricky is because, most likely, you have a TV set up on the adjacent wall and these two spaces tend to compete for attention. The trick here is to figure out where you want your focal poin to be. If you want it to be your fireplace, follow all of the rules above and keep your TV wall decor very minimal. If you would rather your TV be the focal point, keep your fireplace simple. You can still add your anchor and weights (skipping the fillers), just keep your weights simple and clean (ie, matching candle sticks, sconces, vases, etc.)


“Notice how simple Heather’s mantle is styled (left), allowing her TV wall to be the main focal point”


Styling a Mantle With a TV

Nothing says you have to decorate around a TV, but I do get asked quite often how to do it. If you want to decorate around your TV, the basic rules we discussed still apply, except that, here, your TV will act as your anchor. If you’re limited on space around your TV, just use small “fillers” to spruce it up a bit. My biggest tip here is: Don’t force it! If it looks crowded and feels crowded… it probably is crowded.

“I love how Katie from @halfway_wholeistic uses small “fillers” as her weights around her Frame TV (right).”


Tips & Tricks

Here are few simple tips and tricks to remember when styling your mantle:

  1. Assymetry: Typically, you want to decorate your mantle assymetrically (meaning if you were to draw a dotted line down the center of your fireplace, bot sides would not match). This will bring a more relaxed and cozy feel into your home.

  2.  Texture & Height: Play around with different textures and heights. For example, if you’re decorating with vases or candlesticks, let some be taller than others. Stack some books and top them with a decorative piece or a candle. You can also bring in different textures by decorating with baskets, greenery, floral, etc.

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