How to Grow a Container Garden

By Donna Letler, Co Founder, CEO Gardenuity

Falling in love with gardening is easy and usually starts with one successful harvest. Spring is the perfect time to get growing. Whether you are growing for the first time or you are a seasoned gardener, spring brings fresh ideas to your garden. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed when you are trying something for the first time, so here are some things to think about to ensure you enjoy a successful spring garden season.

Choose your palate

Edible or ornamental. Both can perform beautifully in containers or flower beds. Going into your garden center or going online and selecting random plants can make your spring gardening experience challenging. Decide on a plan, even if it’s loosely defined. This will help from feeling overwhelmed.

Grow Pro Tip: Attend a fun garden workshop and experience how fun gardening can be.

Location contemplation

Traditional gardens are great, but there’s something to be said for container gardens – they allow you to grow more in less space, find the perfect spot for sunshine, and customize the soil precisely to the plant’s needs. Plus the soil warms earlier in the spring and you can get planting sooner.

Grow Pro Tip: Container gardening has lots of benefits, especially when planting in Texas where weather can be so unpredictable. Container gardens are not just for apartment dwellers, they can add landscape design to patios, porches, and backyards. We also define containers loosely; we recommend our grow bags but really wooden crates, buckets, etc. can be transformed into planters as long as there is good drainage.

Dirt matters

Not all soils are created equal. There are different types of soils, and matching the right nutrients and soil to the plants you are growing will make a big difference to you and your plants. Think about what you want to grow; are you starting from seed or refreshing last years garden? Think about what you are growing and ask questions about what soil will be best for your crop based on the season, timing and the location of your garden.

Grow Pro Tip: If you are refreshing last year’s garden, fluff your soil as needed. Lighten up your soil in your garden bed or containers by sticking a garden fork as deeply into the soil as possible and wiggle it back and forth.

Timing takes practice

Matching planting times to plants and predicted weather will matter especially while your young plants are getting comfortable in their new home. One of the beauties of container gardening is your gardens become mobile, and when bad weather is coming your way you can move your garden to a protected area.

Enjoy the experience

Whether you are planting a cut and come again garden of leafy greens, a cocktail garden of fresh herbs, or a garden full of taco toppings, it is important to enjoy the journey. The joy of being able to say “I grew that” is thrilling, and to reap all the gifts a garden provides, you need to just get growing.

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s go’”
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