Home Exterior Transformation The Secret of Whitewashing

By Randa Carrabba @randacarrabba

How Long Did It Take?

For our house, we had a crew work for 2.5 days. Keep in mind we washed both the brick and the stone. We did all the exterior of our home, the exterior fireplace, the front steps, and all the stone around the flower beds. It was quite a big job!

What is This Technique Called?

Whitewashing or German Schmear would be the most common terms. A water hose was used to wash the brick and stone, smeared all the wet mortar over it and then used carpet pieces (as well as brooms) to expose a little of the previous brick color that was beneath. This was based on my own personal request because I wanted texture and dimension from the bottom layer color, rather than just a solid wash.

How Fast Does It Dry?

I would say it dries within the day. Do not freak out about the color or dimension you see when they first start washing. It dries lighter and the color underneath shows through more as it continues to dry. Just like paint, you’ve got to let it dry before you see the final outcome.

Did We Also Wash the Exterior Stone?

Yes! By using the same method/technique as the brick. We did have the front steps and the stone around the flower beds pressure washed first before we did the brick mortar wash on top!

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