Creating a Cozy Space

By Brooke Morales @ blindsey

Are you longing for a living space that looks beautiful while still having the ability to curl up and read a book or watch a good movie with your family? Whether you’re in a new build or just wanting to make your current home feel a bit more inviting, here are few ingredients that are sure to give your home the ultimate cozy living vibes.


Let’s Get Cozy – Upholstery

My number one ingredient to creating a cozy living space is upholstery. You want to melt into the furniture you’re lounging on. This can be achieved with upholstered sofas that provide deep seating. If space allows, go for a large sectional. Avoid rough fabrics or furniture that is too stiff. You can add a cozy side chair or two to bring your space together. Textured stools are another option if you’re working with minimal space.

Tip: Ditching pre-matched furniture pieces is the perfect way to create visual texture which is going to make your space more cozy and inviting. Similar but non-matching is the goal.


Ambiance is Everything – Lighting

Lighting sets the tone for your entire space so you want to create warmth with the lighting you choose for your room. You can achieve this by steering clear of bright white lighting which can make your space feel sterile. I love the statement a chandelier can make and the flattering glow it brings to a room. This is a great option to instantly transform your space into a cozy haven. Alternatively, an ambient lamp can do the same thing if a chandelier isn’t an option.

Tip: For the ultimate cozy feeling, get a fixture that is dimmable so you can set the mood for any occasion.


Mix it Up – Textures

The secret to creating spaces that feel warm and welcoming is texture. To transform your space into the cozy sanctuary you’ve been dreaming about incorporate wood tones, metals, and luxe fabrics. You can achieve this by using textured elements such as a wood/metal coffee table, velvet throw pillows, faux-fur blankets, or organic accent pieces (i.e. metal/wood geometric pieces or knick-knacks).

Tip: In lieu of a wood/metal coffee table, you can use an upholstered and/or tufted ottoman to make your space more comfortable all while adding additional texture.


Never Too Many – Pillows

If you asked my husband, he might disagree, but too many pillows never hurt anybody. All jokes aside, I love how throw pillows add extra depth to a space, plus you can easily swap them out from season to season. During off seasons, you can simply select a few textures, patterns, and colors to warm up your space – giving all the cozy feels!

Tip: Mix textures and patterns to create interest in your space.

You can find the source for the pillows seen here by visiting or @landofpillows.

Another one of our favorite places to purchase pillows is @laurelandblush.


Bring on The Charm – Rugs

You can easily add charm and extra warmth to your living space by throwing down a cozy rug to finish off the space. My personal favorite – and the coziest option in my opinion – would be a shag rug or something with high pile. There’s just something about sinking your toes into a plush rug that gives all the cozy feels. Am I right?

Tip: When selecting a rug, size matters. Ideally, all furniture should be on top of the rug (front legs only is optimal, but not always possible). When you’re sitting on your sofa you want your feet on something soft, not the floor.

You can find the source for the rug seen here (Francesca Cream Rug) by visiting or find them on Instagram @mohawkhome. All Mohawk Home Rugs are made in the USA.

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