Behind the Doors

Behind the front doors of my home, I learned a lot.

If you’d have told me, I could teach three kids, anchor the news from my kitchen and stay within those walls for months I’d have said you were crazy.

But I did. COVID-19 left us all faced with tough and unexpected scenarios. Some lost jobs, business and sanity. For us and me being auto-immune compromised, life came to a standstill.

I won’t pretend the time was easy but I know the lessons I learned were good.

Life for us was way too busy. And the irony? I didn’t even notice before because I was too busy to.

Over quarantine, life slowed down. I was forced to pause. I cooked. We played games. We rode bikes. We sat around the table together and we talked about our days as an entire family. Not with one at basketball another at softball and the stress of bouncing from one event to the next with to-go dinner in the car.

I found out birthday parties don’t have to cost a dime or take weeks of planning. A familiar face waving out the window  in a drive-by parade would make for the most memorable.

I learned teachers are even more under-appreciated than I thought.


I learned kids are resilient and family really is everything. My husband, Sam, did his legal work from our garage sweating his way through many afternoons as he followed doctor’s orders to try and better protect me.

Sam grew a beard over quarantine for the first time ever and as life began to return to normal I begged him not to shave it. I think that’s because it reminds me of the good things I learned.

Like slowing down is needed.

Focusing on family will never be a regret.

And the best lessons in life really do come from home sweet home.

…if we take the time.

And the things you can learn just behind your front doors will surprise you.

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