A Labor of Love: Restoring A Historic Home with Modern Details

In the quaint town of Marlin, Texas this absolute “gem” was in desperate need of some love, attention, and hard work to bring it back to life. It took some very dedicated homeowners with a unique vision to make it all happen and the end result is undeniably classic refinement at its best.

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Bring In The Experts

Jill and homeowners John and Kathy met for months putting the desires and dreams for their new home to paper and together they came up with a plan that would not only showcase the amazing architectural details but also incorporate a modern flair and a piece of their spirit in every space.

The Value of Adding Color

From the moment you enter the glossed cherry red door you are engulfed in bright pops of color and pattern from every direction. Each room works together so seamlessly and effortlessly that you can’t help but smile with the pure happiness that surrounds you.


In a world of white and grey, let a little color in! Color is the easiest and cheapest thing you can change in a space that will give so much in return. By keeping the original hardwoods throughout, it gives you a beautiful palette to do what you love on the walls. In the kitchen, repeating the wall color in other design elements—such as the custom, European tile rug inlay —helps to unify the space and up the “wow factor.”


The Next Chapter

Some people get easily discouraged or overwhelmed when looking at the fine details in a space like lighting and hardware. These are the very things that can have a huge impact on the final result, and they don’t have to be overdone or complex. One beautiful light fixture in a room can transform that boring space into an eye-catching work of art. The same goes for hardware on cabinets and doors. They are like the gorgeous earrings and necklace to your black dress.

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