7 Steps To Add To Your Morning Routine

7 Steps To Add To Your Morning Routine



Copy By: Bailey Dougan

1. Make Your Bed

Even if you feel like you have accomplished nothing during the day, you will come home to a made bed; therefore, you did accomplish at least one thing.

2. Say Something Positive To Yourself in the Mirror

Whether you say something like, “You are beautiful,” or “You can do this,” it will start your day off on a good note. This will make you feel more positive about yourself as well!

3. Drink a Bottle of Water

Drinking a bottle of water as soon as you wake up w ill boost your metabolism for the day, and will make you feel healthier during the day.

4. Read

Whether you are reading your Bible, or a book that you are really enjoying, reading increases your focus and memory for the day.

5. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

This wil l make you feel much better as the day goes on, and will also contain your hunger throughout the day.

6. Have a Reflection Time

A reflection time could be praying, meditating, journaling, or any other activity that is quiet and relaxing. This allows you to f ocus and ready yourself for the day.

7. Exercise

Exercising in the morning will give you energy and will help your motivation throughout the day.

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