10 Ways To Celebrate Memorial Day

10 Ways To Celebrate Memorial day



Copy By: Bailey Dougan

  1. These No Bake Vegan Strawberry Cheesecake Bars are perfect for Memorial Day! This desert recipe offered by @allthehealthythings on Instagram is also a very healthy treat for those who just want to use up their strawberries. Click here

  1. Need snacks to serve for the party that you are hosting? This snack tray by @thebakermama is a gorgeous way to bring out your favorite snacks for your family and friends. Click here

  1. Get some beautiful outdoor decoration inspiration from @thepickledrose on Instagram for Memorial Day! Bring your meal outside and enjoy a fun holiday in the backyard with these decorations. Click here

  1. These American flag swimsuits from @swimzip are perfect for the holiday. Deck you children out in the countries favorite colors! Picture from: @annistyn.and.rosalie

  1. How adorable is this outfit from @theimpeccablepig? This would be perfect for a day out in the sun by the pool with your family and friends! Click here

  1. If your dog needs to be a little more patriotic, @twodapperdoods are constantly showing off their style for this holiday. How adorable is this pup? Click here

  1. For all of the dessert lovers, this dessert box from @becksbakedit looks delightful. The variety of sweets and the colors truly make me want to bake these for the holiday! Click here

  1. This is such an adorable, simple interior display to celebrate the holiday. The American sign by @raedunner is the cutest! Click here

  1. For all of the health-nuts out there, this patriotic slaw salad by @happihomemade looks delicious. It is a simple dish, and the recipe can be found on @happihomemade’s Instagram. Click here

  1. Here are some affordable DIY projects by @whiskeyandwhit. They are perfect for small decorations at your house and something fun to do with your family before the holiday! Click here

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