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Waco, TX 


855Bugs.com is a Waco-area based residential pest control service.  They provide free estimates and inspections.  Their goal is to provide your family and their home a pest-free environment. To do that, they’ve assembled an experienced staff of professionals and strive to handle every situation with the best treatments and solutions.

They get it. As a protective homeowner, the last thing you want is for your home and family to be vulnerable to pests and the diseases they can carry. And, who has time to remember to call an exterminator every time you see a pest in your home?

855bugs.com specializes in making your home clear of pests year round!

With their Don’t Bug Me Plan, you can sign up, set up your initial appointment, and they’ll keep the treatment of your home against pests up-to-date. Plus, they guarantee that if you see any pests between treatments, they’ll come back to your home to treat your property again.

The Don’t Bug Me Plan is their hassle-free way of saving you both time and money—and most importantly, keeping Texas bugs far away from your property. Over 16,000 Texas homeowners agree that 855bugs.com is the pest control & exterminator that protects their family and home.

855Bugs.com has been ranked #1 in Locals Love Us for seven years straight! That’s quite a testimony!